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Business Analytics - Splash Image
Business Analytics - Splash Image

    HiQube 7.0 Released
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    New version adds mobility, automates data-to-mobile publishing and speeds navigation of sparse, large data sets.

    Simulation-driven Business Analytics

    Powered by HiQube®, our analytics solutions speed and "guide" robust decision-making to fully capitalize on the value of enterprise data and IT investments.

    Go Beyond Reporting. Optimize Your Decisions.

    Altair analytics solutions complement and enrich the value of existing BI stack investments by providing deeper, forward-looking insight to realize business objectives.

    Understanding the customer is key to any business.

    Altair understands that a new approach is necessary and has developed an analytical solution in HiQube that can be tailored to meet the needs of your environment.

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    Easily create complex business models to explore key performance indicators, independently perform integrated what-if analyses and minimize risk through math-based simulation techniques

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    Make Data-based decisions quickly!

    • Simple to install
    • Deploy in days
    • Complementary to current software stack
    • Access through desktop and mobile

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