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In the Know About Engineering Intelligence

Engineering Intelligence enables companies to gather, process, analyze and present data about engineering-performance metrics.

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How Does Your Enterprise Solution Stack Up?

What qualifies an offering as a good enterprise solution is how well it harmonizes with the relevant technical, business and IT infrastructures of the enterprise.

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HiQube Fact Sheet

Fact sheet on HiQube Business Intelligence. HiQube is a simulation-driven business intelligence and data analytics solution for guided decision-making.

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HiQube Brochure

Download the HiQube pdf Brochure. HiQube is distinctive in its ability to be rapidly deployed to connect and analyze the largest data stores, HiQube uniquely addresses diverse customer needs as an end-to-end BI solution or a complementary software stack extension for higher- level performance analytics.

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HiQube Business Intelligence Solutions for Utilities Brochure

For Utility Organizations today, it is imperative for to analyze and interpret large volumes of data, quickly and efficiently, at very high levels of granularity. This requires a new approach. HiQube is a new-generation, simulation-driven business intelligence solution designed to meet the needs of today’s utilities industry and speed decision-making.

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HiQube: Software Asset Optimization for Bottom-line Growth

HiQube’s “Software Asset Optimization” solutions (SAO) enable visualization and analysis of global software inventories and utilization rates across facilities, divi-sions, departments, projects and users. Having deep domain expertise in business analytics, software licensing systems and high performance computing, HiQube’s SAO solutions are tailored specifically to the unique needs and requirements of each organization.

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